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Life Crafting Now helps you transform your relationship with food, family and community.  You’ll discover a life you love using our tools, methods and guides.

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Craft An Easy Pregnancy

First time parents want a pregnancy & delivery that follows a text book. When fears and worries creep up, they change expereinces. Discover your ultimate pregnancy guide here.

Boost Your Immune System

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we operate but you don’t have live in fear. Instead, boost your immune system, and discover how to empower your health today.  Every day protection is within your reach.

Transforming Old Beliefs

To Craft A Life You Love

We make this simple, easy and effective so that your food, family and community are always thriving.

Calm & Connected Parents & Kids


Weekly community building activities

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We operate from the heart.  What makes Life Crafting Now so unique is that we are here to stop inherited patterns that aren’t serving families and communities today.  While life has changed tremendously in 2020, we believe that we can help restore, reconnect and rebuild hearts that unite us across the globe.  

Each week, we host five online games for couples, families and communities to join  in for free

These games calm emotions, help adults and children talk openly with each other, and retrain inherited patterns of behaviour into emotionally intelligent communication so everyone wins.  Join us in a free game this week!

Our Latest Work

We’re constantly building our community and support, but we always come back to these foundational methods and tools.

We Believe In You

The secret to Life Crafting is BELIEF.

Rather than genes, it’s your beliefs that craft the life you want. We believe with these simple, effective tools and methods you can craft the life you truly love.

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“Beliefs and Thoughts Alter Cells In Your Body”

~Bruce Lipton

From Our Clients

Don’t take our word for crafting your life with Psych-K® and our methods, check out what our clients have to say!

“Having heard about PSYCH-K, I was eager and excited to try. I was drawn to working with Linda particularly because of her background in helping people heal inherited family patterns.  The session itself was powerful and I felt a real release in some things regarding work and money that I have been working on.  I Highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to experience PSYCH-K or wanting to release limiting subconscious beliefs.”


“I was terrified of giving birth.  Every day I kept having thoughts of the pain or something going wrong.  The fears and doubts of my body’s ability to birth my child just seemed so foreign.  Working with Linda eased my fears and actually shifted my focus.  I stopped worrying about it and when the time came – it was seemless! We know have sessions with Linda for our whole family.  It’s brilliant!


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