STARTS With Psych-K®

These are stressful times.  As the pandemic marched into our world, so did uncertainty, unprecedented financial strain and gravely unjust international human rights unsettlement.  

It’s no wonder so many people are feeling the stress of all things combined.

Unfortunately, your immune system’s strength depends on your ability to process stress.  You see, when people perceive stress, the body reacts by going into protection mode.  Stress hormones are released causing energy to leave the vital areas that keep you healthy, sending the energy to your peripheral body to help you fight or flee the situation.  This means that there is limited and decreased energy left for your immune system, weakening its ability to keep you healthy and resilient to pathogens and viruses.

If you consider for a moment the emotions that you’ve experienced over the past month; sadness, anger, tired, irritation…worry, uncertainty… all of these emotions send a cascade of hormones and neurochemistry through your body, preventing your body from doing it’s job and keeping you safe.  

Our goal is to help you curb these emotions with Psych-K® Immune Boosting Sessions and prevent further psychological distress that can be associated with stressful life events and situations beyond your control.

Psych-K®, since its inception in 1988 has been used to address mental and emotional obstacles to happiness. It uses a simple process that helps you change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships and physical health.  By focusing on beliefs that are rooted in the subconscious mind, you are able to change the subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking.  This means you interrupt the natural fears, doubts, worries and anxiety responses and transform your experience into feeling calm and capable.

During your Psych-K® Immune Boosting Session, you likely noticed that there were beliefs that surfaced that you may not have been aware of, but that were clearly not supporting you.  When we balanced and then used the techniques to release those beliefs, we created the opportunity for your brain to respond and act differently.  Using these techniques puts you in a  “whole-brain” state while increasing the communication within the brain.  As a result, your new beliefs, that will positively support your pregnancy and delivery, are maximized.

It’s important to remember that the Psych-K® Immune Boosting Session balancing creates the change potential, then by taking the actions we discuss at the end of your session, you create the positive results. 

We’re here for you.  Our goal is to support you through stressful experiences by helping you change your perception of stress.  Should you have any questions or want another session, we’re always here for you.