Craft Your Happy Family Today!


Increase Your Happiness By Joining Us Online For An EQ Game

One of the ways we help families increase their happiness is by helping them understand how to communicate effectively with each other. Each week we play FREE family friendly emotional intelligence games online!  Because EQ isn’t something to “know”, it’s something you do, bringing people together through an online emotional intelligence card game is easy, fun and extremely supportive.  


Increase Your Emotional Intelligence & Connected Communication

Want a Happy, Calmer & More Engaged Family without drama and tantrums, this is where to start!

Every parent dreams of having a family that supports and lifts each other up, but that’s rarely what families experience.  We’re changing that one private YouEQ card game at a time so you have the family connect you crave.

Let us help you achieve a calm, engaged and happy family with ease!


Psych K® Family Happiness Session

Sometimes how you grew up and the memories you carry within you affect your ability to experience happiness once you’ve created your own family.  In this Psych-K® session, we’ll help you release the beliefs and blocks from the past so you can begin enjoying an intimate and meaningful family dynamic.  Book a consult if you’re craving more calm & caring!