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If this is your first pregnancy, you’re likely wanting to ensure you have a healthy and easy nine months, with a safe delivery to round out your pregnancy experience, right?

We’re here to help you achieve this.

Let me show you how …



We’ve worked with enough Mom’s to understand that your biggest concerns right now are the health of your baby and yourself PLUS having a simple and safe delivery.  In fact, 98% of first time pregnant mothers fear the delivery – but you don’t have to! You see a lot of your fear is coming from the unknown, compounded with family history and amplified by the horror stories other women have shared – would you agree? 

But… what if you were able to choose to leave the negative influences behind you and only focus on positives for the rest of your pregnancy?  Would that be helpful? 

Of course it would… in fact it will completely change your pregnancy and delivery experience.  

Family History

Your family history affects not only your genetic makeup, it also affects your beliefs and how you experience the world.  That’s why it’s really important to address some of the elements from your past, while you’re pregnant – but before you deliver. You’ll actually transform the experience of your pregnancy and delivery.

Stories You're Heard

Friends and family share with you because they care about you…  and ultimately want to help you prepare for everything that’s on its way…

Unfortunately that also includes stories that are influencing and shaping what your body responds. Let’s prevent their experiences from becoming yours…

Worries & Fears

It’s completely normal to experience pregnancy and delivery worries & fears… it’s happening because you’ve never been through it and it’s “the unknown”.

What we want to help you prevent is having those worries and fears take over.  Instead you want to learn how to experience the emotion but not allow it to be your only focus.

Crafting An easy Pregnancy & Delivery starts with:

a mommy session

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You can even choose from three AVAILABLE

mommy session PACKAGES!

For some pregnant Mom’s everything gets stirred up all at once and it can be overwhelming to handle it all.  That’s why we’ve created 3 Mommy session options from you to select from.  We’ll address your specific needs so you have the pregnancy and delivery you actually want.  Let’s get started now!