crafting a connected communty

Community is vital to wellbeing.  That’s why we wanted to provide supportive ways for you to expand and grow within key areas of your community, be that online, locally or globally! 

Get started crafting your connected community by selection one of three options below.


Increase Your Wellbeing By Joining Us Online For An EQ Game

One of the ways we help grow community and wellbeing is by providing FREE online games to enhance emotional intelligence.

Because EQ isn’t something to “know”, it’s something you do, bringing people together through an online emotional intelligence card game is easy, fun and extremely supportive.  


Local Farming Community Growth

This is a special project near and dear to our hearts.  We support local farmers, helping them raise funds and increase production.


Grow Your Business Network & Expand Your Reach

Each quarter we help communities grow their networks and expand their reach through joint venture projects, partnerships & collaborative endeavours.  Discover projects you might also enjoy being part of!