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We understand that sometimes you just need to speak with someone to discover what your unique needs are and how we can meet them.  That’s why we’re happy to speak with you before booking any Life Crafting sessions.

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100’s of Beliefs Affect Your Ability To Craft The Life You Truly Want

There are many paths to achieving a life crafted with love, but all paths have to navigate through  “roadblocks” created within the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind can be like a mine-field of outdated “programs” exploding when faced with change and the desire for something new.  

While most grasp this concept, the ability to shift it into crafting new life opportunities often eludes us.  That’s why I’m always happy to speak with potential clients before booking sessions.

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Define Your Present Situation

Understanding what’s going on is always where we start.

Goal Clarification

We’ll clarify what’s next, give you action steps and help you move forward.

Action Time

The result is you are ready to go from opportunity to a new life by taking simple action steps

Identify What's Blocking You

Listening for the subsconsious blocks and patterns is our specialty.

Change The Undesired Program

Then we’ll use proven methods to transform your block into opportunity.

Speak with an expert

In this 30 minute consult call we’ll help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

During your call, we’ll go over your unique challenges and strategically determine what would help you the most.

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Life Crafting Through Psych-K®

Psych-K® will help you define your current problem, identify and tranform the belief and help you reach your desired outcome.

In a world that is complicated and often chaotic, this method is simple, safe and effective.

Crafting Emotional Intelligence

Communication is so much more complex than just speaking words, crafting emotional intelligence is a tool that propels relationships that work.  

Your family and it’s happiness depends on your ability to connect, support and emotionally communicate your needs.  Find out how easy this can be with our special methods and games.

Craft Your Dream Life

We believe that everyone is meant to live their dream. It’s our purpose to help you do just that.

We operate with heart and compassion, let’s get on a consult call and discover how we can best serve your needs today.

My entire family was engaged & happy after the first session!

It had been the roughest year we’d been through as a family.  It felt like everyone and everything had fallen apart.  The fighting had been eating at me for weeks and finally I snapped – I called Linda thinking I have nothing else to lose.  Within sixty minutes my life regained perspective.  Within three hours my family was happy & engaged.  I had 5 sessions with Linda and it transformed our entire life.  You just have to start!

Helen M, Oakville, ON

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