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Transforming Old Beliefs

To Craft A Life You Love

It is simple with our easy and effective tools so that your relationships, family and work life are always thriving

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Define Your Present Situation

Understanding what’s going on is always where we start.

Identify What’s Blocking You

Listening for the subsconsious blocks and patterns is our specialty.

Goal Clarification

We will create new goals together that will create a new set of beliefs in your subconscious and set you free from these negatvie mental habits

Change The Undesired Program

Then we’ll use proven methods to transform your block into opportunity.

Action Time

The result is you are ready to go from opportunity to a new life by taking simple action steps

these are the ways i can help you:

Single Session – Find out if this is for you – We’ll work on one specific issue

5 Session Package – Release the block – Reach your goals

Intensive Session – Ready for a deep dive?

What is the difference?

What makes Life Crafting Now so unique is that we are here to support families and individuals in identifying and stopping patterns and habits that aren’t serving them anymore.

For instance, shifting from blaming by default, to curiosity and understanding, is core to creating a more heart based connection with others

We do this with simple, fast and effective processes that do not require for the person to dwell on their “story”. Instead, goals are carefully crafted, and they are the basis for transformation into a more positive, supportive and enriching experience of life.

A series of additional tools, including games for little people, are available to promote better emotional communication and listening, opening the way for relationships to transform from conflict to peace and empathy


From Our Clients

Don’t take our word for crafting your life with Psych-K® and our methods, check out what our clients have to say!

“Having heard about PSYCH-K, I was eager and excited to try. I was drawn to working with Linda particularly because of her background in helping people heal inherited family patterns.  The session itself was powerful and I felt a real release in some things regarding work and money that I have been working on.  I Highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to experience PSYCH-K or wanting to release limiting subconscious beliefs.”


“Linda is an amazing soul. I immediately knew I could connect and trust her. Even in our first session I felt Linda was sincerely invested to help me on my journey of deeper self-discovery. I realized through working with Linda that the story of what happened to me in the past does not need to impact my future. Old, painful experiences where imprinted onto my subconscious mind so firmly that I wasn’t even aware why I was repeating negative patterns. I had no idea that you could go straight to the source of those old beliefs – the subconscious – and shift the energy around those experiences. I am thrilled to be on this journey with Linda and can’t wait to see what is next!”


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